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Providing information on safe and environmentally responsible tourism in Antarctica including a list of operators, guidelines, procedures, and statistics.
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language provides links and resources for professional educators such as workshops, journals, scholarships, and discounts.
The UIA is an international, apolitical, non profit body that aims to facilitate the development and efficiency of networks in human activity.
The ECO is a non profit organization providing invaluable internship experiences for students and recent grads in order to gain valuable on the job experience.
The UN's portal to its websites, funding, programs, and agencies listed thematically or alphabetically.
IMBA promotes creates, improves, and preserves biking trails worldwide.
HBIGDA is "a professional organization dedicated to the undertanding and treatment of identity disorders."
The American JKA Karate Association International promotes Shotokan karate with camps, seminars, literature, competitions, and more.
FIFA is dedicated to the promotion of soccer worldwide by providing materials like news, history, marketing, fairplay, media, and more.
An international volunteer club dedicated to the support of people during times of need.
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