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  Conveying ideas, thoughs, and sentiments through a series of gestures, symbols, or sounds is called Language. Verbal language has it own rules and guidelines for which words and the pronunciation of these words. There are many kinds of verbal language which tend to be spoken within specific regions. Some of the more popular verbal languages are English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. There are also several smaller dialects spoken with small tribes or communities. Language is not restricted to being spoken. For example, sign language is used to communicate by those who have hearing disabilities or individuals that cannot speak. Certian animals and insects use body language to communicate. For example, bees communicate by moving or "dancing" in order to give directions to the location of food. Language does not only take place between living creatures, but computers as well. For example, the binary computer language uses a series of "1" and "0" to perform functions and tasks.
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A searcheable database of languages including a bibliography, multiple publications, and software.
Online encyclopedia featuring language description, taxonomy, classification and properties.
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