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  A legal entity formed that has a different legal indentity from its members is called a company. Companies are usually formed for small business, public investment, or non-profit reasons. Small businesses are mostly comprised of sole traders who are limited in liability, but still controlled by the founders of the company. Public Investment companies are created so that the pubic may invest in the business without administration. Public investment companies are usually amdinistrated by a board of directors. Non-Profit companies are formed for social, charitable, or virtually charitable reasons so that the sponsors are not complete liability.
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Aiding drug discovery through informatics and research technologies.
Representing train companies on transport policy issues to the Government and media.
Company that offers software, animation, music, e-commerce,educational technology and interactive development.
Design consulting firm that determines products strengths and weaknesses for companies to help improve their products.
Providing solutions for inventory control and management to efficiently manage the flow of materials.
Providing real estate field services to the leading mortgage industries of America.
Our Corporate Giving Program reflects our dedication to providing financial support for a diverse set of charitable causes.
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