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  Businesses that share the same or similar means of financial gain is call an Industry. Industry is also the commercial production focused on the manufacturing of a product. This type of industry requires prime investments before financial gain can occur. Procedures which are taken to manufacture or create a product are called Industrial Processes. This includes any chemical, mechanical, or assembly stages of a products creation. The general processes may include removing excess liquids or pollution caused by exhaust gasses or other chemicals. These steps generally always take place when working with raw materials used to manufacture a product. Products are then forged, machined, stamped, hydroformed, or sandblasted to reshape the raw materials. Next, products and goods may be moulded and purified by flotation, distillation, or solvent extracted to dissolve two or more substances together. Some of the products that are manufactured by industries are paper, gold and silver, rubber, lead, steal, iron, and aluminum.
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Manufacture,Sell,SAS, SATA and infiniband cables, ethernet, coaxial and video cables, switches, routers, industrial products, power cords, and USB to RS232 serial converters. Custom cables available u
Offers a large variety of shrink wrap supplies including: Polyolefin shrink wrap rolls, PVC shrink wrap rolls, shrink wrap bags, and shrink tubing.
Located in West Yorkshire, England, we have provided cost effective advanced machine tool technology for nearly 25 years. Provides automation services, machinery for sale, CNC Spares.
Manufacturer of cables for computers, audio/video, SCSI, networks. Standard cable assemblies include Hdmi cables, network cables, audio cables, video cables, computer cables, s video cables, and DVI.
Specifically designed lead acid AGM batteries for the renewable energy and solar industry. These batteries are the leading maintenance free deep cycle battery.
A leading global cable tie manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. Includes Taiwan cable ties.
Online source of Taiwan capacitor manufacturer,resistor manufacturer,inductor manufacturer,suppliers and exporters.
Web solutions for scientific, medical and industrial industries.
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