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Submission Guidelines

In order to build the best quality directory possible for the end user we have established the following criteria for website submissions. All websites must meet these standards to be included and remain listed in the directory.

To guarantee the quality of listings and freshness of content we charge a onetime inclusion fee of $19.95 and a yearly recurring fee of $19.95 per listing.

Websites that are declined inclusion will receive a full refund. Websites that change content after inclusion and no longer meet our quality control guidelines will not receive a refund and their listing will be removed.

Websites that contain the following content or meet any of the following criteria are not allowed in the directory:

If your submission meets these guidelines but borders closely to breaking the spirit of our inclusion policy your listing will be declined. Our intent is to build a quality directory that contains relevant content for the end user.

Links2go reserves the right to decline a submission or remove a listing without notice to the website owner. This policy is in place to protect the quality and relevance of the Directory. Website owners that do not incorporate underhanded or misleading SEO tricks in their website design should not be concerned with this policy.
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