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The Sequetus Series THE WORLD OF NICK BROADHURST Nick Broadhurst. Twenty-three science fiction books.
Online resource providing poetry, study guides, drama, non-fiction, and classic literature.
An interactive online community for all aspects of writing including fiction, portfolios, poetry, and contests.
A literature resource site offering texts of classic literature, drama, and poetry together with detailed literature study guides. Site also features a large reference book and non-fiction section.
Choose from a wide selection of today's best novels. Offering a variety of fiction, nonfiction and classic books.
Online library of classic english literature from fiction to scientific works.
Website for the NNWM which produces an annual collaborative writing project by professional and amateur writers.
A quarterly journal of modern society and culture that features articles, fiction, and poetry.
Fictitious fashion reporter Fashion Icon's archives that relay all of her fashion news gathered over the seasons.
An online source of free publications including reference,poetic, literary, fictitious, and non-fictitious material for use in your home, school, or on your computer.
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