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  Archaeology is the systematic study of the cultures of periods of time in the past. This is done by researching and examining artifacts and other evidence of existance found where people of those cultures and societies once inhabited. Archealogical artifacts may be found in a variety of locations including buildings or caves in which these people lived, or in graves and tombs. These homes, graves, and tombs themselves also constitute for archeological evidence as well as the tools, paintings, jewelry, pottery, or skeletal remains that are found there.
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Exceptional source for the history of the world's cultural heritage.
Dedicated to providing you with the facts and accuracy of the Holy Bible.
Uncover the history of Native American's and explore the history of the great southwest.
An educational resource for everyone to explore the world of archaeology.
An exceptional source for the study of material remains left behind by past societies.
Explore the past and gain knowledge about ancient ancestry.
An educational organization dedicated to biblical archaeology. Offering biblical research from a nondenominational viewpoint.
Virtual library offering info about Archaeology. Choose from a variety of topics including educational research, institutions and organizations, regional views and Q & A.
Helping you to view humanity's past and gain an appreciation for archaeology.
Dedicated to providing education about human evolution. View an extraordinary timeline of human ancestry.
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