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  History is the recording accounting of events chronologicaly as they occured. The subject of history covers a broad area and relates to everything from the history of a person, group of people, an object, building, or locality. However, history is commonly classified chronologically, geographically, nationally, ethnically, and topically. People who focus or practice the art or science of studying history is called historians. Historians may study and analyze the history of a broad area of subjects, such as political figures and leaders, tribes and cultures, government, geological objects (oceans, mountains, or the earth in general), or an individual.
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Great source for term papers, essays, research paper, reports also college and university papers.
Helping you to understand the history of America. With information on the American Revolution, U.S. Civil War, World War II and the Vietnam War.
Features programs that are educational in the history of our Nation and the world. Also pre-view this day in history.
Los Angeles Counties Historical Museum offers collections reveal the Earths history of evolution and diversity in life and cultures.
View this guide of historical events on a world history chart that offers three thousand of years of Earth's history.
Directory of graduate and post-graduate History schools. Providing program descriptions and contact information.
Educational entertainment about American history for teachers, students and families.
Features a wide variety of historical videos and DVDs full of information on American's history.
Worldwide census report on marriage and various other records to help you find your ancestry.
One of the world's finest institutions for scientific research and education.
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