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  The scientific study of languages and speech spoken by humans is called linguistics. There are different stuctures of linguistics including phonetics, phonology, morphology, pragmatics, and semantics. Also, linguistics has many divisions and subfields such as contexual linguistics, applied linquistics, cognitive linguistics, descriptive linguistics, and diachronic linquistics.
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Providing resources on linguistic research, teacher education, technical assistance, learning languages, and troubleshooting linguistic problems.
Online resource including the discipline of liguistics and information on language and language analysis.
Providing information on language development, linguistic research, translation, and literacy.
Information regarding admissions, academic programs, events, research, staff, and alumni.
Linguistics department website featuring information regarding programs, resources, and events.
Provides information on the discipline of linguistics, current research, and employment pertaining to the field.
New York University's site offering information on the linguistics department, admissions, events, labs, and employment.
A publication of Oxford University pertaining to language and language research.
Providing language research, education, and admissions nformation on the school of linguistics at Stanford.
University of Rochester Linguistics Department information on programs, courses, and events.
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