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  Writing is to use symbols and letters to form words in order to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This can also be done with music. There are four categories of writing systems including logography, syllabary, alphabets, and feature scripts. Historical writings included clay markers and tablets hieroglyphics, in which symbols were inscribed on stone and clay. This was one of the first effective alphabets.
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A guide listing the rules of writing to assist all authors with grammar, punctuation, style, and mechanics.
NWP website featuring interactive links for educators to improve the writing skills of their students.
An online guide to academic writing providing information on style, structure, evidence, and mechanics.
Purdue University's online writing workshop which provides students with tools to assist in academic writing.
Website featuring links to assist students in all aspects of academic writing.
A listing of information on how to write and get published including editing tips and employment opportunities.
An interactive online community for all aspects of writing including fiction, portfolios, poetry, and contests.
An index of courses for adult authors who write for children.
An online monthly magazine featuring book reviews, classifieds, interviews, author directories, and a blog.
Website for the NNWM which produces an annual collaborative writing project by professional and amateur writers.
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