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  A tax is a money or financial charge collected from an individual, company, corporation, or other legal entity by a city, county, province, state, or nation for funding or maintenance purposes. For example, taxes are used for law enforcement, city/state beautification, wealth redistribution, infrastructure maintenance (highways, bridges, mass transit), health care, education systems, or other public services. The rate of taxes that are collected from an individual or legal entity are typically taken as a certain percentage of a particular value such as income, land value, expenditures, or inherited money or property.
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HLB provides accounting, consulting, auditing and more, based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide.
Complete tax offers software to file your online taxes. E-file for both federal and state tax returns.
Find start up costs, requirements for owning a tax franchise, how to choose the best location and how to finance your tax prep franchise.
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