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  Software can be defined as a computer program that enables computers to perform tasks. Application software, system software, and programming software are the two main types of computer software. Application software that applies the abilities of a computer specifically to a task desired by the individual using the computer. Examples of application software would be word processors, spread sheet software, and database software. System software is software that is needed for the computer to function and operate. An example of system software would be an operating system. Programming software is used to write and compose computer programs. Examples of programming software include compilers, interpreters, debuggers, and linkers.
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Provides healthcare facilities across the United States with EHR software, PM software, and RCM services.
Provides identity and access management solutions to businesses across the United States.
Provides insurance based software solutions to companies across the globe.
FUJITSU GLOVIA, INC., of El Segundo, Calif., is a leading innovator in manufacturing ERP software and solutions, helping manufacturers, assembly businesses and mixed-mode companies worldwide.
Machine downtime tracking software collects production efficiency data from every machine in the factory, displays it in real time, and produces indispensable reports, including detailed OEE reports.
Risk assessment software is a tool that saves you time and consultancy costs, ensures traceability, and implements information technology security.
Custom software development, consulting, and related operational support services.
Value added resellers of Reply Audience Response Systems and developers of Unity, Synthesis, and Elect software for use with wireless response systems. Provides wireless voting system sales/support.
This is the first and only online math calculator that provides the user with a spread sheet, running total, and documentation of entries.
Secure, offsite data backup. Cost effective, fully automated, encrypted, daily confirmation emails, and 24-7/365 support. Move your business forward, we've got your backup.
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