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  A flag is a piece of cloth or other material used for symbolic, emblematic, indicators, or identification purposes. Usually, a flag is displayed from a pole. There are several types of flags, inclusion national, state, war, and maritime flags. Also, flags vary is shape, size, style, and design. Some flag shapes include circle, rectangular, spiral, triangular, and crosses. Designs include solid colors, bicolour, triband, tricolor, stripes, and borders. Also, some flags may depict living things such as animals, plants, people, or body parts. Other objects included on flags include boats, astronomical objects, buildings, landscapes, tools and instruments, weapons, and sheilds. Inscriptions are also a common item included on flag designs. Flags are also used for other purposes as well, such as swimming and railway flags. Swimming flags are pairs of red/yellow flags that mark beachs. If standing upright, the beach is open. If the pair of flags are crossed by the poles, the beach is closed. Railway flags may be used as wayside signals to communicate with those operating a train, or displayed on the train or railways themselves. For example,a blue flag on a track means that nothing on that track should be moved.
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